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The Awful Possibilities

“Christian TeBordo shows that it is possible to be, simultaneously, a wise old soul and a crazed young terror.”
—George Saunders

“Nine caustic stories by TeBordo find screeching ironies in rhetorical absurdities and writerly subversiveness. Bizarre and biting, these tales leave a mark.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

A girl masters the art of forgetting among kidney thieves. A motivational speaker skins his best friend to impress his wife. A man outlines the rules and regulations for sadistic childrearing. You’ve heard these people whispering in hallways, mumbling in diners, shouting in the apartment next door. In brilliantly strange set pieces that explode the boundaries of short fiction, Christian TeBordo locates the awe in the awful possibilities we could never have imagined.

“The nine stories of TeBordo’s first collection are ambiguous and creepy. A dire surrealism roils beneath their superficial naturalism. Sheer delight for connoisseurs of nongenre strangeness.”

The Awful Possibilities of Christian TeBordo put me in mind of Quentin Tarantino on short story juice. The violence and depravity ride the surface, where I like them, and the heart is a lyrical heart. Add to that creepy postcards with cryptic messages and this collection attacks from all sides.”
—Jeff Parker, Author of Ovenman

Christian TeBordo has published three novels. This is his first collection of short fiction. He lives in Philadelphia. Read his blog at

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