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Sons of the Rapture

“An impressive booze-soaked debut, told from various perspectives with unapologetic frankness and raging fervor. Top 5 books of the year.”—Newcity

Billy Jones and his dad have a score to settle. Up in Chicago, Billy drowns his past in booze. In South Carolina, his father saddles up for a drive to reclaim him. Caught in this perfect storm is a ragged assortment of savants: shape-shifting doctor, despairingly bisexual bombshell, tiara-crowned trumpeter, zombie senator. A stampede is coming for them all, and it’s carrying the weight of America’s forgotten revolutionary heritage.

Sons of the Rapture is a gloriously ambitious achievement.” –The Elegant Variation | full article

“Wildly entertaining, technically astounding and moving to the last.” – Punk Planet

“Chicago’s been pretty good to Todd Dills… a respected player in the local literary scene.” – Chicago Reader

“Part farce and part tribute to the southern culture that raised him.”
UR Chicago | full article

“Dills’ writing is engaging.” – Gapers Block | full article

“An impressive booze-soaked debut, told from various perspectives with unapologetic frankness and raging fervor.”
Newcity | full article

Sons of the Rapture merges Kerouac, Faulkner, and O’Connor into a unique blend that speaks for young Southern folk coming of age nearly 150 years after the end of The Sin. You’ll find yourself reading for the sound of the sentences as Dills creates characters with voices that scream from the void. This is an assured debut, and I hope Dills never goes quiet.
DANIEL BUCKMAN, author Morning Dark, The Names of Rivers, Water in Darkness

Todd Dills writes of culture-war veterans from street level, where the line dividing red from blue isn’t drawn along state borders but zigzags between neighborhoods, houses, and bedrooms. In their attempt to survive battles someone else started, these characters speed through edged-out euphoria, then crash into a slur of lost time. Dills surveys the South, Chicago, even the fruited plains as he delivers a state of the union address many will deny but none can refute. This is how we’re living now, in a past that isn’t past and a future breaking backward. Dills’s talent makes it all tick, his accuracy rings the alarm.
PAUL A. TOTH, author Fishnet, Fizz

Sons of the Rapture is the literary equivalent of the Fourth of July—as technically inventive as it is truly intimate and heartfelt, this fiery novel draws upon the grand mythology of the Old Testament and the spirit of Faulkner’s best work. It’s powerful storytelling and a reconciliation of our shared conflicts and histories.
JOE MENO, author Hairstyles of the Damned, Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir

In Sons of the Rapture, Todd Dills weaves a new kind of contemporary Southern yarn. His alluringly warm narrative mediates the rawness of a rich but divisive society and reminds us that simmering right beneath the present is a not-too-distant brutal past.
Emily Pohl-Weary editor Kiss Machine, author A Girl Like Sugar, Strange Times at Western High

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