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Blades of Justice

Helen Angove et al.

All justice requires is a sharp blade. Who says the tool can’t be domestic?

The scissors are blacksmith worked, crude and blackened. They’ve always hung there at the door of Treagrove. For three-hundred years they have played a part in murders and mysteries surrounding the women of the old house.

Three Novellas Spanning Three Centuries of Mystery

1798 • Despite the danger, the abandoned tin mine had always been the place where Eseld and Rosie felt safest. But that was years ago. Eseld’s beloved Rosie is dead, and the place where they used to meet now holds a deadly significance to someone else.

1888 • If anyone deserved to be murdered, it was Davy snowden. So, Miss Eliza Bell is not surprised that someone has finally killed him. But when she and her lover, Alice, become suspects in his murder Eliza won’t just need to prove who did it but also who didn’t.

1977 • Melanie’s first teaching job brings her to a seemingly dull Cornish village. But after meeting Bernadette Merrick she’s inspired to dig into the village’s past. Unfortunately for both women, someone is dangerously determined to keep old secrets buried.

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