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A Touch of Steel

A Touch of Steel: Erotic Tales of Warriors includes six, brand new, original stories by A.D.R. Forte that weave science-fiction and fantasy with the erotic power of soldiers, hunters, and fighters of all kinds.

In モImmortalityヤ Captain Trey Danner is awed by the mysterious and captivating new Colonel on base. Her legendary prowess in battle is a source of much speculation and rumor among the soldiers and the more intimately he comes to know his Colonel, the more Danner wonders if the stories are true– if perhaps she really is an immortal, unable to fall in battle.

モFirebloodヤ tells the story of would-be dragonslayer Jyl and her traveling party– consisting of wizard Revendris, Princess Elystra, and Ned a blacksmitth– as they hunt for a dragon. But as they all continue on their mission, Jyl comes to learn more about her own desires and about her true nature than she could have ever imagined.

In モEternalヤ, a warrior queen reflects on the various betrayals leading up to her cursed existence– the betrayal of her slain kinsman by submitting to his killer to keep the peace between their tribes and the betrayal of her new lover and her own word when she could no longer abide the passion she felt for her one-time enemy.

モThe Knowledge of Joyヤ tells the story of an injured and bitter rakshasi is taken in by a kindly human hunter and surprised to discover a life of safety, comfort, and pleasure.

And finally in モSolstaraヤ an ancient earthbound warrior takes in a soldier fallen from the stars and discovers enough common ground to sustain them for a lifetime– or more.

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