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A Brood of Foxes

Uncanny, sweet, and shot through with fairytale weirdness, A Brood of Foxes takes Joey Napoleon into a world as bizarre as anyone’s first adulthood—with a few differences. Set in a place where time has its own logic, human and animal is a shifting perspective, and the people we love are always slightly other—and better—than we imagined, A Brood of Foxes faces us with the moral dimensions of environmental disasters—in a troublingly literal way.

“New from Aqueduct is A Brood of Foxes, a charming novella by Kristin Livdahl. Joey is a young woman who left home and ended up with a curious person called Mudhen in a magic sort of house. As Joey reaches maturity, she tries leaving Mudhen and finds that time isn’t the same outside the house. Somewhen in what seems like the future, she meets a cute man who turns out to be a fox, and then she tries to find Mudhen. She learns Mudhen’s been kidnapped; she and the fox follow her trail to a village wracked by tragedy. That bald description doesn’t capture at all the charm and imagination and sweetness of the story, which has a bit of a YA feel to it, as it is mainly about Joey growing up. The conclusion, about Joey, the fox, and Mudhen trying to help out at the village doesn’t really match the opening, though I still enjoyed it. Definitely worth seeking out.”
—Rich Horton, Locus Magazine

“A finely written and enjoyable tale.”
Strange Horizons

Volume 29 in the Conversation Pieces Series.

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