Flash Fiction Online Issue #70 July 2019

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The July 2019 Issue of Flash Fiction Online. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and literary short fiction for the modern reader.

A selection of literary short stories from Flash Fiction Online curated by Editor-in-Chief Suzanne W. Vincent.

Choices are at the heart of every story in this month’s issue. Either a character makes a choice that sets him on the course of his story, or something happens to him that forces him to make choices, both scenarios spurring a series of actions (and more choices) that will bring the character’s world back into some kind of balance.

As you read this month’s stories, consider the choices the characters make, why they make them, how those choices shape their lives. Would you have made the same choices as they? Could you? That’s one of the powerful ways in which stories are important to the human experience. They can teach us how to make choices, to consider the potential results, to role-playing a myriad of what-would-I-do scenarios.

If you could, would you choose to restart your life? If you could, which single choice would you erase? Which would you do again?

The most important thing to consider, however, is whether you’re becoming that better, kinder, wiser person.

We hope you enjoy this month’s stories:

“Roommates” by returning FFO author, Shannon Peavey

“Crocodile Love Machine” by Mackenzie Suess

“The Order Taker” by B. Pladek

“Phoenix, Fallen” (reprint, originally published in April 2018 at Factor Four Magazine) by another FFO alum, Rebecca Birch

Thanks for reading!


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