Flash Fiction Online Issue #59 August 2018

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The August 2018 Issue of Flash Fiction Online. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and literary short fiction for the modern reader.

A selection of literary short stories from Flash Fiction Online curated by Editor-in-Chief Suzanne W. Vincent.


After some serious reminiscing, we decided we’d like to share with you some of our staff favorites from past issues, along with a bit of our actual reminiscences on why we love these stories. The hard part, you should know, was narrowing it down to these few, which means a Second Semi-Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It FFO Classics Issue is likely to happen. Sometime. When we feel like it.

“Just Before Recess” by James Van Pelt

“James Brown Is Alive and Doing Laundry in South Lake Tahoe” by Stefanie Freele

“Beholder” by Sarah Grey

“Hungry” by Tree Riesener

“Portrait of My Wife as a Boat” by Samantha Murray

And a new writing advice column from Jason S. Ridler.

Illustrated by Dario Bijelac

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