Flash Fiction Online Issue #47 August 2017

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The August 2017 issue of Flash Fiction Online. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and literary short fiction for the modern reader. For this issue of Flash Fiction Online, we bring you a time travel collection done in miniature. Four short stories about things that shouldn’t be possible, but are. In each one, characters might not understand but it doesn’t change the extraordinary reality of the worlds they inhabit.
Andrea Corbin’s “Three Ways to Ruin Your Best Friend’s Birthday (And How She Fixes It)” is a delightful caper filled with adventure and hijinks across time and space. It’s an exploration of how our best intentions often go awry and how a true friend is willing to overlook even the most egregious gaffs … like escaped polar bears.
In “PLAIN JANE LEARNS TO KNIT WORMHOLES,” a humorous science fiction story, by Wendy Nikel, the Martha Society and their knitting will never be quite same. It only takes one wormhole for everything to go to hell. Casseroles not included.
Travis Burnham brings us a bittersweet yet heartbreaking exploration of love and loss in “That Dark, Sweet Magic.” A talking apple tree and a shoe golem might be beyond understanding, but the main character’s love for his late wife resonates in all of us. If you enjoy love stories with a fantastical twist, this one is for you.
And finally, appearing yet again (it’s like we can’t get rid of him), Stewart C Baker has allowed us to reprint “Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation” originally published in Time Travel Tales. The academic lecture circuit has never had a travel budget quite like this. Not that it would need one. Or would it? You’ll have to read this one to make up your own mind.


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