Flash Fiction Online Issue #32 May 2016

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The May 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online. MOTHER’S DAY IS A CELEBRATION OF MOTHERS, motherhood, and the profound influence women have on shaping the world of the future. The holiday is observed in over 40 nations worldwide, with well over three quarters of those nations celebrating in the month of May.

When I was a child, Mother’s Day was an affair rife with flowers and a simple dinner (not always made by Dad), so we could pack up in the Chevy Suburban after church for an hour-long drive to visit my only surviving grandparent–my mother’s mother–because that’s where my mother wanted to be.

This photo was probably taken on one of those early Mother’s Day excursions. That’s my mom, standing on the left. Her sister standing beside her. The seated woman on the right is my grandmother; the other is her mother. That chubby baby in my great grandmother’s arms is my oldest brother. I was still 11 years away from being born–the youngest of six.
Now, as a mother myself, my Mother’s Day is spent at home with my husband and children–because that’s where I want to be.

So, Mothers, wherever you go or whatever you choose to do this Mother’s Day, we hope you have a lovely day–and we hope someone else will cook dinner for you.

In honor of mothers, this month’s issue is packed with powerful motherhood.

First, from Lynette Mejía, a tender and hopeful account of one mother’s struggle with the loss of a child, “Now Watch as Belinda Unmakes the World.”

Next up, “Nothing Less Rare, Nor Precious,” from Evan Dicken, a beautiful allegorical tale of new motherhood.

And, a special treat that isn’t necessarily about mother’s but involves a wonderfully talented mother, “Sparrows,” by Gary Chandler, with gorgeous artwork by his own mother, Lura Schwarz Smith. Also enjoy an essay by Gary–a lovely tribute to his family.

Finally this month, a recycled story from our own FFO staffer, Stewart C. Baker. Originally published in Nature Physics, September 2015, “Love and Relativity” is an achingly beautiful story of love and loss and motherhood.

Enjoy! And Happy Mother’s Day!

New article by Jason Ridler.
Edited by Suzanne W. Vincent.
Artwork by Dario Bijelac and Lura Schwarz Smith

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