Flash Fiction Online Issue #24 September 2015

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The September 2015 issue of Flash Fiction Online.

”Ships and Stars and Childhood Things” by Gwendolyn Kiste. A lovely science fiction story of time and love and life passing by.
“Pidgin” by Katrina S. Forest. Another science fiction offering in which time passing is a factor. More on the future dystopian side of things, “The Wedding Gig” by John League. Another tale of time passing—in this case the remembrances of an aging musician as she copes with the post-plague world. Lovely tale of self-realization and acceptance. Finally, John Guzlowski is back with a republished story, “1968: A True Confession.” Again, time passes, age comes to us all. I love John’s treatment of the sweet relish of life and contemplating the past, present, and future.
Also be sure to check out our own Jason Ridler’s article, “ADVICE ON WRITING ADVICE AND OTHER REDUNDANCIES! PLUS! COSMIC TOP SECRET LIST OF WRITING ADVICE!” Editorial by Suzanne Vincent. Illustrations by Dario Bijelac

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