Flash Fiction Online 2018 Anthology

THE FLASH FICTION ONLINE 2018 ANTHOLOGY offers readers 49 short stories from more established, award-winning authors and newer writers just emerging in the flash fiction story-scape.
Flash fiction might be small, but each story packs an entire story arc into only a thousand words or fewer. Whether you call this art form a short-short, a micro-fiction, a drabble, or a smokelong, it spans all genres and literary styles.

Editor Suzanne W. Vincent says, “Within these pages, you will find stories by talented writers that will make you smile, make you laugh, make your heart feel as if it will break. You will find characters who, on the surface, may not seem to have much in common with us at all. But they are like us. They have lessons to learn, sacrifices to make, fences to mend, yearnings so deep it hurts, future fears and past regrets, fallacies and foibles that are all too real for us; because each of these characters, in their own way, is us.”

The 2018 anthology includes: Jared Oliver Adams, Stewart C Baker, Redfern Jon Barrett, Sarah Beaudette, Mitch Berman, Rebecca Birch, Tomiko Breland, Audra Kerr Brown, Carrie Cadwallader, Krystal Claxton, Holly Collingwood, Aaron DaMommio, Sunyi Dean, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Angie Ellis, Lauren Ferebee, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Stefanie Freele, Helen French, Sarah Grey, Melissa Goodrich, Maria Haskins, Kaely Horton, Charlotte Huggins, Alexis A. Hunter, M.K. Hutchins, Dafydd McKimm, Douglas W. Milliken, Rebecca Mix, Yoko Morgenstern, Allison Mulder, Samantha Murray, Aparna Nandakumar, M.E. Owen, Joe Parker, Sunil Patel, Shawn Proctor, Lina Rather, Tree Riesener, Holly Schofield, Hayley Stone, Elliott Thornton, James Van Pelt, Sean Vivier, Lillian Ward-Packard, David Whitaker.


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