Fireside Magazine — Issue Two

Brian White et al.

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Fireside is a magazine of short fiction and comics. Our goal is to publish great storytelling, regardless of genre.

Issue Two opens with Kat Howard’s The Heart of the Story, a lush exploration of a place where tales may well be born. Next is Jake Kerr’s Perspective, a near-future story in which we meet a reclusive, heartbroken father who doesn’t understand his son’s need to cover a city in graffiti. Next is our comic, An Honest Mistake, written by Brian White, drawn by Steve Walker, and lettered by Frank Cvetkovic. It looks at what could happen at the end of the world when everyone has watched too many end-of-the-world movies. Following that is a horror story, Damien Walters Grintalis’s Scarred, about a young woman trying to suppress a dark urge that she once indulged. And we close with Rhapsody in Blue Shift, a supernatural science-fiction story by Stephen Blackmoore, who is quite afraid this optimistic tale will ruin his street cred as a bloody-nosed pulp writer.

And of course, there’s the incredible artwork by Galen Dara, who did the cover based on Kat’s story, as well as the interior illustrations with the other stories.

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