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The Traveling Tide

An original collection of seven short stories. Rosaleen Love’s stories fairly dance and sing their way along the page, whether the scene is music itself, as in the tale she tells of driving her cousin Bridie, an Australian musicologist and jazz pianist, on a pilgrimage to the source of her music in the US South, or the vast vistas of geological time, or even the arcane science of therolinguistics as it deconstructs the “c(h)oral songs” that are a “series of texts written by air in water.” Carmel Bird writes of the final story in the volume, “Once Giants Roamed the Earth”: “This story is informed with deep concern for beauty of the earth and speaks urgently for respect and dignity. There is an air of menace and yet a pervasive hum of hope. The writing is firm, confident, and compelling.” “Once Giants Roamed the Earth” is a winner of the 2005 Aurealis Award.

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