The Return of the Sorcerer

Selected carefully by well-respected editor Robert Weinberg and with an introduction by award-winning author Gene Wolfe, The Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of Clark Ashton Smith offers both readers and scholars a definitive collection of short fiction and short novels, by an overlooked master of fantasy, horror and science-fiction.

* “This exceptional collection of Smith’s short fiction showcases the underrated pulp master’s storytelling genius in eighteen stories, most originally published between 1931 and 1935. In the dark fantasy gem The Isle of the Torturers, a king loses his realm to plague and seeks sanctuary on an island inhabited by sadists. The sublimely lyrical The City of Singing Flame describes a portal to a realm of unparalleled beauty and terror. Equal parts science fiction thriller and gut-wrenching horror, The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis pits a team of Mars explorers against an unearthed nightmare. Though over seventy years old, these stories are still wonderfully weird and wildly entertaining, making this collection a timeless treasure to be cherished by fans of horror and the pulps.” (Starred Review) —Publishers Weekly

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