The Homeless Moon III [Steampunk!]

July 2010

Five Odyssey grads fit together like a (steam-powered) mutant Voltron to bring you a (third) cache of eclectic fiction.


Scott H. Andrews, “New! The ‘GEARWORK ROSE’™”
Jason S. Ridler, “Iron Horse in the City of Stone”
Michael J. DeLuca, “The Unicyclist’s Fate”
Erin Hoffman, “Precise and Invariable Laws”
Justin Howe in Absentia

PLUS Erin Hoffman’s astounding Steampunk Story Generator v1.0

Hey–if you love Weightless Books like we do and support what they do, go ahead and pay a dollar for this. Homeless Moon and Weightless Books will split it two ways–our half will go to defraying the costs of the next chapbook, and their half will go to bringing you more great indie ebooks. Otherwise, you can download it for free:

Homeless Moon Chapbook 3 – DRM-free, print-quality PDF (3.9mb)
Homeless Moon Chapbook 3 – Mobipocket PRC (274k)
Homeless Moon Chapbook 3 – EPUB (147k)

The Homeless Moon chapbooks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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