Susurrus on Mars

This novella-length collection of Erehwynan Idylls offers readers an indulgent and weird agglomeration of randy boys and revelations, as the embodiment of a small breeze–actually the gene-spliced child of the gods Zephyros and Ares–flirts and seduces fleshlings on a terraformed future Mars. Hal Duncan’s acclaimed style is both alethic and erudite and offers a fresh telling of philosophical musings and classic Greek mythology for 21st century readers.

Hal Duncan’s debut novel, Vellum, was published in 2005 to much acclaim. Subsequent works include the sequel, Ink, and various collections gathering short fiction, essays, or poetry, including Scruffians. A member of the Glasgow SF Writer’s Circle, he also wrote the lyrics for Aereogramme’s “If You Love Me, You’d Destroy Me” and the musical, Nowhere Town.


“This densely lyrical novella combines science fiction, Greek mythology, botany, philosophy, and erotica into a resonant whole—but understanding that whole takes dedicated effort.” – Publishers Weekly

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