Shimmer Magazine – Issue 39

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Ghosts. We all have them, some more apparent than others. The ghosts of people who are no longer with us, the ghosts of dreams we used to have, the ghosts that linger in places we once lived. This issue of Shimmer contains a bundle of ghosts. They are beautiful and frightening and tragic and everything you imagine a Shimmer ghost would be.

The Creeping Influences, by Sonya Taaffe
She came out of the peat like a sixpence in a barmbrack, her face shining like wet iron between the spade-edge and the turf, the bright rusty plait of her hair broken like a birth-cord around her neck.

En la Casa de Fantasmas, by Brian Holguin
Everyone knows about La Bruja. They say she lives somewhere down in the Avenues south of Eagle Rock. She is a tiny thing, short and round. Always dressed in black no matter the weather or time of year. Draped in mourning, they say, like La Llorona.

Fixer, Worker, Singer, by Natalia Theodoridou
The sky creaks as Fixer makes his way across the steel ramp that is suspended under the firmament. It’s time to turn on the stars. He pauses a few steps from where the switches and pulleys are located and looks down. He allows himself only one look down each day, just before sunset.

Hare’s Breath, by Maria Haskins
It’s Midsummer’s Eve, and even this close to midnight there’s no darkness, only a long, translucent dusk that will eventually slip into dawn. Britt and I are fifteen, and she has just come back from That Place, the one the adults won’t talk about even when they think I’m not listening. Something’s happened to her there, but I don’t understand what it is, and she can’t find the words to tell me.

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