Shimmer Magazine – Issue 19

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This is our first digital issue. It’s full of everything Shimmer’s famous for: stories of love and loss and hope and death — and a double helping of wings.

The Earth & Everything Under, by K. M. Ferebee

Peter had been in the ground for six months when the birds began pushing up out of the earth.

Methods of Divination, by Tara Isabella Burton

The universe breaks so quietly…

Jane, by Margaret Dunlap

You will not believe the paperwork you have to fill out when you save
someone’s life, and then your ungrateful patient turns around and bites

List of Items Found in Valise on Welby Crescent, by Rachael Acks

1 ticket stub for Dr. Birrenbaum’s Stupendous Sideshow, with subtitle:
Feel the Raw Power of the Ferocious Tiger Boy! Hear the Heartbreaking
Song of the Bird Woman! Dream Darkly as You Gaze Upon the Siren!

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