The city of Leiodare is unlike any other in the post-climate change United States. Within its boundaries, birds are outlawed and what was once a crater in Appalachia is now a tropical, glittering metropolis where Anna Armour is waiting. An artist by passion and a factory worker by trade, Anna is a woman of special gifts. She has chosen this beautiful, traumatized city to wait for the woman she’s lost, the one she believes can save her from her troubled past and uncertain future. When one night Anna creates life out of thin air and desperation, no one is prepared for what comes next – not Lucine, a smooth talking soothsayer with plans for the city; Lucine’s brother Eugenio who has designs of his own; Seife, a star performer in the Leiodaran cosmos; or Rory, a forefather of the city who’s lived through outbreak, heatbreak, and scandal. Told through their interlocking stories, Smoketown delves into the invisible connections that rival magic, and the copst of redemption.

Author bio:

Tenea D. Johnson is a writer and musician who after time well spent in alphabet cities – NYC, ATL, DC – now lives on the Gulf of Mexico under a three hundred year old tree (in a house). Her short fiction has appeared in various anthologies and magazines. A poetry & prose collection, Starting Friction, came out in 2008. Her compositions (storytelling to music) have been performed at the Knitting Factory, Dixon Place, and the Public Theater.

Quotes & Reviews:

“All of Johnson’s characters come nicely slantways at their unintended roles in Smoketown’s destiny, often hardly caring about the parts they play as they gauge the personal successes of their quests, and the understated, lyrical prose makes even small moments, such as the appearance of a flock of birds within the city’s force field, feel triumphant.” Publishers Weekly

“Smoketown is an imaginative and smartly written novel about a future that feels disturbingly close. Moving with determination through the story, her characters appear boldly alive on the page, pulling the reader into their world teeming with magic, and the possibility of change hovering on fragile wings.” Fiona Zedde, author of Every Dark Desire

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