Champion of the Scarlet Wolf Book One

Book One of Two. (See Book Two here.)

Five years after abandoning the Sagrada Acedemy, Elezar Grunito has become infamous in the sanctified circles of noble dueling rings for his brutal temper and lethal blade. Men and women of all ranks gather to cheer and jeer, none of them knowing Elezar’s true purpose. But a violent death outside the ring marks Elezar as a wanted man and sends him into hiding in the far northern wilds of Labara.

There, creatures of myth and witchcraft—long since driven from Cadeleon—lurk in dark woods and prowl the winding streets. Soldiers and priests alike fear the return of witch-queens and even demons. Elezar soon learns that magic takes many forms, some too alluring to resist, others too terrible to endure. But just as he begins to find his place in this strange new country, the past he left behind along with his school days returns to challenge him once again.

Return to the world of Lord of the White Hell in this fantasy adventure from Ginn Hale.

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Ginn Hale resides in the Pacific Northwest with her wife and two cats. Her novel, Wicked Gentlemen, won the Spectrum Award and was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. She is also the author of The Rifter Series and Lord of the White Hell. She is a contributor to both the Irregulars anthology and Tangle. 

Read Ginn Hale’s answers to’s Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe.


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