Mythic Delirium 2.1

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Mythic Delirium joyfully welcomes you to the first feast of our third year as a digital publication.

We bring you tales of past wrongs righted and past debts paid, of a vampire in the worlds of high fashion and higher powers, of a sea witch with an agenda crashing a royal wedding, of an enchanted chess game with life-and-death consequences.

Our poems in this issue add new chapters to the tales of Oz and The Tempest, grant new coats to villains and secret lives to cabinets, discover new senses and damaged but working hearts.

The stories courtesy of Sara M. Harvey, Cassandra Khaw and Barbara Krasnoff, while Jane Yolen, Sandi Leibowitz, Shira Lipkin, Hannah Strom-Martin, Anne Carly Abad and Alicia Cole provide the poetry. Our spectacular cover art, inspired by Cassandra’s story, comes from Paula Arwen Owen.

Bon appetit!

Table of contents:

  • “The Sound of Blue” by Sara M. Harvey
  • “The Perfumer” by Alicia Cole
  • “Ariel’s Release” by Sandi Leibowitz
  • “Her Pound of Flesh” by Cassandra Khaw
  • “The Villain’s Coat” by Hannah Strom-Martin
  • “The Secret Life of Cabinets” by Anne Carly Abad
  • “Sophia’s Legacy” by Barbara Krasnoff
  • “Four Chambers” by Shira Lipkin
  • “Dorothy Before Oz” by Jane Yolen

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