Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh

Markus Selvage has been bent by life, ground up and spit out again. In San Francisco’s darkest sexual underground, he is a perpetual innocent, looking within bodies—his own and others’—for the lost secrets of satisfaction. But extreme body modification is only the beginning of where he will go before he’s finished .. .

Publishers Weekly Review:

Lake’s stand-alone novella is a horror-tinged departure from his popular fantasy epics (Green, etc.). Markus Selvage, a Texas native living in approximately present-day San Francisco, gets involved in that city’s deep-underground scene of extreme body modification—readers watch as Markus cuts off his left pinky finger and eventually has it replaced with a syringe—and equally extreme sex. Markus’s lover, Danni, introduces him to this world, draws him in deeper, and then disappears…the threads are expertly woven together. The writing is graceful and sometimes even poetic…the subject matter tests the bounds of the word “explicit”…

About Jay Lake:
• Award-winning author of ten novels and over 300 short stories
• Cancer survivor who blogs about politics, technology and health
• Frequent headliner at conventions, conferences and workshops
• Acclaimed anthology editor
• Winner of the 2004 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
• Multiple Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee

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