The Fourth Western Novel MEGAPACK ™

H. H. Knibbs (Author), Chuck Martin (Author), Richard Jessup (Author)

Yes, it’s another another great selection of four western-themed books from Wildside Press! Here are:

THE TONTO KID, by H. H. Knibbs … “Few Western novels present such a powerful and ruthless character as young Pete in The Tonto Kid. Like Billy the Kid, Pete started his violent career at an early age; by thirteen he was famous as a ‘killer.’ His vivid life is a classic in Western fiction, written by a man who knows the drama of a colorful American era.”

BLOODY KANSAS, by Chuck Martin … Would Marshall Sutton’s lightning gun be fast enough to clean up Dodge City?

COMANCHE VENGEANCE, by Richard Jessup … He followed her on her trail for bengeance, a guardian angel with a fast gun…

TEXAS HELLION, by J.H. Plenn … The true story of the deadliest man-killer in the lusty, trigger-happy days of the Old West!

If you enjoy this volume of classic Westerns, don’t forget to search your favorite ebook store for “Wildside Press Megapack” to see the 220+ other entries in this series, including not just historical fiction, but mysteries, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror — and much, much more!

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