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Tapes of the River Delta

Peter Cunningham (Author)

Theo Shortcourse has always been overshadowed by his charismatic nephew, Bain Cross, ?who is three years older and the favorite of Theo?’?s beautiful, manipulative mother, ?Sparrow?.? Now the corrupt Bain is the most powerful figure in the Irish Government, and ?Theo is sought for murder?. ?As he hides from his pursuers in the river delta, he reflects on ?his life and his childhood in the town of Monument?. ?There his fate became entwined ?with Bain, Pax Sheehy ?- ?to Theo the moral guardian of his time ?- ?and the dark secrets that ?govern all the characters in his damaged life, from generation to generation?. Wrought in exquisite, ravishing detail, ?Tapes of the River Delta?’?s? themes of blood and tribe, ?politics, church and law, desire, betrayal, violence and guilt reflect the ?”?blasted hopes of ?twentieth century Ireland?.?”? Tapes of the River Delta? is part of Peter Cunningham’s acclaimed Monument series?. ?Set in ?the fictionalized landscape of the author’s native city of Waterford, these stories describe Irish ?people and their lives and loves from the late nineteenth century to the present day?. ?The ?novels have been widely praised in Ireland, the UK and US, and in translation?.?

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