Feral Machines

When the interstellar wildlife sanctuary Casaverde is quarantined due to an mysterious outbreak of malaria, Andrew Salazar must turn to military surplus synthetic life-forms to help him in his work as warden.

But Andrew soon discovers that the synthetics are far more complex creatures than he first imagined and that something more deadly than an old-world disease is stalking Casaverde.

“‘Feral Machines’ is a very different piece from her stunning debut with Wicked Gentleman but like that novel, this is a strongly imagined, strongly written and vivid work, with intense interactions between the two protagonists working against apparently impossible odds.”—Uniquely Pleasurable

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars—Reviews by Jesse

An excerpt:

Through the haze of smoke, the synthetic looked almost human. Except the shoulders were far too wide and the limbs moved too fluidly. The synthetic observed Andrew with dull, red eyes set into hard, simple features that resembled an ancient battle mask.

Andrew retreated a step. Despite his familiarity with the concept of synthetics, (they were a popular and easy subject for second-level science reports), Andrew had never seen one in the flesh.

Decent people with good educations and middle-class families were never exposed to war machines like this one.

Approx. 22,700 words.

Originally published in the anthology Tangle.

Ginn Hale is the author of Lord of the White Hell and Wicked Gentlemen. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, donates blood as a pastime, and tinkers with things. For more information: www.ginnhale.com

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