Report from Planet Midnight

Nalo Hopkinson has been hard at work “subverting the genre” since her first novel, Brown Girl in the Ring, won the Locus Award for SF and Fantasy in 1998. Since then she has acquired a World Fantasy Award, a legion of adventurous and aware fans, a reputation for intellect seasoned with humor, and a place of honor in the short list of SF writers who are tearing down the walls of category and replacing them with a tapestry of unexpected delights.

In her Outspoken debut, Hopkinson takes on race and racism in literature in “Report from Planet Midnight,” a Guest of Honor address to the 2010 conference of the International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts. Hopkinson addresses the crowd in the voice of an alien evaluating Earth’s “strange” customs, including the marginalization of works by non-white and women writers. With a dramatic mix of humor, anger, and shrewd analysis, she discusses the often unconscious and always unacknowledged racism of her white colleagues while pointing the way to a more inclusive and diverse future.

In “Message in a Bottle,” Greg, an American Indian artist who doesn’t like children, is befriended by a strange four-year-old, who seems wise beyond her years. While preparing an exhibition, he discovers that she is a traveler from the future sent to recover art from the “distant past”—including his own work!

Concluding the book with series editor Terry Bisson’s Outspoken Interview, Nalo shares a soupçon of laughs, loves, and echoes from the Repeating Islands.


“A genuine vitality and generosity…one of the more important and original voices in SF.” —Publishers Weekly

“Out-of-the-ordinary science fiction.“ —Kirkus Reviews

“The plot and style get an early grip on you, the reader, and you don’t let go till story’s end. Hopkinson is a genuine find!“ —Locus

“Hopkinson has had a remarkable impact on popular fiction. Her work continues to question the very genres she adopts, transforming them from within through her fierce intelligence and her commitment to a radical vision that refuses easy consumption.” —Globe and Mail

About Nalo Hopkinson:

Nalo Hopkinson, born in Jamaica and now living in Toronto, is a superstar of modern fantasy. Her award winning novels include Brown Girl in the Ring (1998), Midnight Robber (2000), The Salt Roads (2003), and The New Moons Arms (2007). Her short story collection, Skin Folk (2001), was the winner of the World Fantasy Award and the Sunburst Award. She has edited and co-edited a number of fantasy anthologies, and taught at the Clarion workshops and other venues. She is a founding member and currently on the advisory committee of the Carl Brandon Society, which exists to further the conversation on race and ethnicity in SF and fantasy.

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