New York Review of Science Fiction #294

JeFF Stumpo et al.

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Borges, Lovecraft, and souls; John Morressy’s fantasy novels; Greg Mellor, Australian wondersmith; Manly Wade Wellman, Plains reporter; Farah Mendlesohn on fantasy; Jean-Luc Picard, epitome; Robots on stage; and more!

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Table of Contents

Volume 25, No.6 ISSN #1052-9438


    • Photoessay: Boskone 50, Boston, Massachusetts, February 2013
    • JeFF Stumpo: Until Someone Loses an I: The Deconstruction of “self” in Borges and Lovecraft
    • Mike Barrett: Iron Angels & Annihilators: John Morressy’s Novels of Heroic Fantasy
    • Damien Broderick: The Mellor’s Tale
    • Tom Easton: A Post-Steampunk Manifesto
    • Dave Drake: Manly Wade Wellman, Reporter
    • Andrés Lomeña: Ways of Reading Fantasy: An Interview with Farah Mendlesohn
    • Victor GrechStar Trek’s Picard: Humanity’s Conscience


    • Karel Capek’s R. U. R. and Richard Manly’s The Truth Quotient, reviewed by Jen Gunnels
    • Ian McDonald’s Planesrunner, reviewed by Damien Broderick


    • A glimpse of futures past futures, screed, and an editorial.

Samuel R. Delany, Contributing Editor; Kris Dikeman andAvram Grumer, Managing Editors.

Alex Donald, Webmaster; David G. Hartwell, Reviews and Features Editor; Kevin J. Maroney, Publisher.

Staff: Ann CrimminsJen Gunnels, and Lisa Padol.

Special thanks to Arthur D. HlavatyM’jit Raindancer-StahlJason Strawsburg, and Eugene Surowitz.

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