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Gonji: A Hungering of Wolves

T. C. Rypel (Author)

GONJI, the demon-stalked warrior with the soul of his samurai forebears and the heart of his Viking mother, surges on through legend-haunted medieval Europe, seeking the key to his mysterious destiny…

His infamy—and celebrity!—has seen a militant cult spawned around his legend and philosophies. Thus, Gonji must face persecution from religious and secular hierarchies, while dealing with human and supernatural assassins.

Facing almost certain death, Gonji must make a grim decision. His ally, the enigmatic golden werewolf Simon Sardonis, has come to him with an earnest plea for help in France against a monstrous enemy of his own: the brutal, shape-shifting Farouche Clan. These are sorcerous invaders from another world, with whom Simon shares an eerie kinship. Their savagery overwhelms even Simon’s formidable power, and now they threaten the woman he loves. But worse still, the Farouche fiends are the vanguard of a tyrannical, inter-dimensional conspiracy. A conspiracy which has insidiously snared Gonji in its age-old web of evil dominance.

But can Gonji and the ferocious lycanthrope Simon together raise an effective force against such colossal evil, when the armies of their world refuse to help? Is there any power mighty enough to battle another world’s dark sorcery, when it devours all before it with… A HUNGERING OF WOLVES?

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