Fantasy Magazine #50

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From modern mythcraft to magic realism, Fantasy Magazine is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow:

In “Study, For Solo Piano,” Genevieve Valentine shines the spotlight on what it means to yearn for beauty and love in a cruel post-apocalyptic world.

A stick-man comes to life and a boy struggles to reconcile his Sunday School education with experience in Jeffrey Ford’s “Creation.”

In “The Devil in Gaylord’s Creek,” Sarah Monette gives us a feisty teen action heroine who’s tattooed, undead, and read to kick some serious paranormal monster butt. Buffy would totally approve.

Violence breeds vengeance in “Sandmagic,” Orson Scott Card’s tale of a young man orphaned by political turmoil. His search for retribution takes him into the heart of the desert—and into the realm of dangerous magic.

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