Fantasy Magazine Issue 53

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From modern mythcraft to magic realism, Fantasy Magazine is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow:

Cory Skerry paints a heart-wrenching story of a mother’s love in his tale, “The World Is Cruel, My Daughter.” After all, a mother’s job is to protect her child . . .

Nisi Shawl’s “The Pragmatical Princess” is the kind of girl who doesn’t sit around waiting for princes or mice to rescue her. Here’s a story of a dragon, a princess, and the power of thinking for oneself.

Most battles in the Wild West were fought with gunpowder and hot lead. But in Laura Anne Gilman’s “Crossroads,” the outlaws aren’t just gunslingers: They also sling magic.

When three teens set out to explore the edge of the world, they find garbage, infinity, chaos . . . and unexpected magic. Michael Swanwick explores the wishes we make at “The Edge of the World.”

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