Fantasy Magazine, Issue 38

Cat Rambo et al.

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FANTASY MAGAZINE is a digital magazine focusing exclusively on fantasy fiction. In its pages, you will find all types of fantasy–high fantasy, contemporary urban tales, surrealism, magical realism, science fantasy, folktales…and anything and everything in between. Fantasy is entertainment for the intelligent genre reader–we publish stories of the fantastic that make us think, and tell us what it is to be human.

Table of Contents:

Daha�’s Son by Keffy R. M. Kehrli (fiction)
The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String by Lavie Tidhar (fiction)
Wishes and Feathers by Patricia Russo (fiction)
The Sometimes Child by Caroline Yoachim (fiction)

Interview: Tim Pratt

Author Spotlight: Keffy R.M. Kehrli
Author Spotlight: Lavie Tidhar
Author Spotlight: Caroline Yoachim

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