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Death of a Unicorn

“Small Beer Press, a small publishing company in Massachusetts, is reprinting … Peter Dickinson’s books, which is a wonderful, wonderful gift to mystery readers who are yearning for that kind of old-fashioned British mystery where it doesn’t move quickly, you get engrossed in the time period.”—Nancy Pearl, NPR

For bestselling author Lady Margaret, the past is no longer a pleasant memory. Her first lover’s mysterious death and the seeming inevitability of her inheriting the family’s stately home are cast in new light by secrets unwillingly revisited in Dickinson’s wonderful novel of family and friends, work and duty, and above all, love.

Death of a Unicorn is the first in a series of reprints of Peter Dickinson’s mysteries from Small Beer Press. This classic British mystery will win fans currently engrossed in Downton Abbey.

Includes Reading Group Discussion Questions.

From Peter Dickinson’s Timeline:

“When the youngest member of the five-strong editorial staff of Punch (founded 1843) turned 40 the editor, Kenneth Bird (the cartoonist Fougasse) had written to a don he knew at Cambridge to ask him to find someone younger to train up. On his way to the interview for the job Peter was knocked down by a tram and arrived covered with blood and dirt, but they gave him the job because he was the only candidate. A lot of his novel Death of a Unicorn is based on the seventeen years he spent there.”

Praise for Peter Dickinson’s mysteries:

“Peter Dickinson is my own chosen demigod in the pantheon of crime fiction.”
—Laurie R. King (The Beekeeper’s Apprentice)

“He is the true original, a superb writer who revitalises the traditions of the mystery genre . . . incapable of writing a trite or inelegant sentence . . . a master.”

“He sets new standards in the mystery field that will be hard to live up to.”
—Ruth Rendell

“He has an eye and a mind and a voice like no other.”
—Donald E. Westlake

“The Tolkien of the crime novel.”

“A fresh triumph . . . a simultaneous insight into kids and their minders, and emerging nations, and the concept of freedom – all done with consummate story-telling skill.”
—Peter Lovesey

“Read this book carefully. It’s a jewel.”
The New York Times Review

“Brilliantly imaginative first detective story . . . wonderfully convincing.”
The Observer

“Mr Dickinson is the most original crime novelist to appear for a long, long time.”
The Guardian

“Brilliantly original, as always.”
Times Literary Supplement

“Wry, witty, irresistible.”
The Financial Times

“A literary magician controlling an apparently inexhaustible supply of effects . . . Craftsmanship such as this makes for compulsive reading.”
—Penelope Lively

“Dickinson tops all his prizewinners with this stunning psychological thriller.”
Publishers Weekly

Peter Dickinson OBE has twice received the Crime Writers’ Association’s Gold Dagger as well as the Guardian Award and Whitbread Prize. His latest book is Earth and Air: Tales of Elemental Spirits (Big Mouth House). He lives in England and is married to the novelist Robin McKinley.

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