Congress Magazine Issue 03 October 2016

Molly Tanzer et al.

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Issue 3 of Congress Magazine has no theme, but it does have four fantastic stories for your reading pleasure. Mr. Matthew Addison returns with an original story this time. “Pink for a Day” explores themes of submission, humiliation, and pleasure in a fantasy dungeon with unusual equipment and even more unusual denizens. Ms. Carrie Laben delights us with a slice of life story the likes of which Congress has never published. “3 AM” features two people are having a fine time fucking in a river until a corpse floats by. Our reprint this month is by Ms. Wendy Wagner. “Electric” is a short, sweet piece featuring everyone’s favorite pigeon-fancier and futurist, Nikola Tesla. And finally, we have “Seduction of the Innocent” by Dr. Jason S. Ridler. Dr. Ridler’s tale features a Tijuana Bible full of Snow White pornography, Russian spies, mind control, and… well, what else do you need or want? Hi-ho, hi-ho indeed


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