Congress Magazine Issue 02 August 2016

Molly Tanzer et al.

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Congress Magazine‘s second issue came together in an unexpectedly thematic manner: it’s all about the ways sexuality allows us to step outside ourselves. Our first story, “The Archivist’s Companion” by Mr. Andrew S. Fuller, is a science fictional near-future hipster romance set in Portland, featuring a librarian who finds herself by losing herself in both a virtual environment and in real life. We’ll then mix things up with our first interview, with Hugo Award-nominated erotica author Dr. Chuck Tingle. Dr. Tingle’s story “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” was somewhat controversially nominated for a Hugo Award this year, and we’ll find out the results this very month at WorldCon in Kansas City. Dr. Tingle graciously agreed to speak with us about his nomination, plus topics such as current events, wrestling, dinosaur personalities, as well as the importance of stepping outside of one’s self to find true love.

Only something truly special could follow up such an epic interview, but luckily we have a reprint of Mr. Jesse Bullington’s “Porn Enough at Last,” a tale of un-censoring hentai in the post-apocalypse. Mr. Bullington’s opaque narrator is asked to step outside the ordinary in several ways, but for good reason, and to good result. And then we’ll end with Ms. Cecilia Tan’s “Crowdthink Consensus Thresholds: A Study,” whose rather dry title obscures a steamy story about virtual sex and real love.

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