• Desper Hollow
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    Desper Hollow Elizabeth Massie

    It begins when hardheaded mountain matriarch Granny Mustard decides she wants to live forever. Then she dies. Her slow-witted but equally hardheaded granddaughter Jenkie decides to pick up the ball and run with it,… More

  • Extreme Zombies
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    Extreme Zombies Paula Guran et al.

    It’s too late! The living dead have already taken over the world. Your brains have been devoured. Nothing is left but spasms of ravenous need—an obscene hunger for even more zombie fiction. Forget the metaphors… More

  • Metamorphosis
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    Metamorphosis Alaya Dawn Johnson et al.

    Metamorphosis offers a taste of work from WisCon 39 Guests of Honor Alaya Dawn Johnson and Kim Stanley Robinson, as well as an interview of Johnson by Justine Larbalestier and an interview of Robinson by Jeanne Gomoll.… More