• About Face
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    About Face Buff Whitman-Bradley et al.

    Military Resisters Turn Against War

    The long tradition of refusing to fight in unjust wars continues today within the American military. Today’s resisters speak out in this powerful book.

    How does a young person… More

  • Shades of Gray
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    Shades of Gray K.A. Kron

    Gray Edwards is finally back on duty, this time assigned to a Training Unit that does a lot more than training. This high tech virtual world tests the boundaries of reality. Gray finds herself flying once again with Dani… More

  • Wingmen
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    Wingmen Ensan Case

    First published in 1979, this World War II novel, with overtones of From Here to Eternity, was a precursor to the gay romance genre. Jack Hardigan’s Hellcat fighter squadron blew the Japanese Zekes out of the blazing… More