Brian Costello; more epubs

    Michael’s been working hard making the site a little better and easier on the eye so it seemed fitting that he be the first person to start recommending books. One of the books he recommends, Redemption in Indigo, is now available in multiple formats—as is Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud’s A Life on Paper. Both of these are newish Small Beer titles, one from a writer from Barbados, one from France; one is a novel, one a collection; both are excellent, and both are very different from one another. (Another new Small Beer title, Meeks, just got a fantastic review in next Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, get it here.)

    Michael also added a link to our Facebook page and added these updates to the left hand side. We spent a good part of last week massaging various files and pieces of software (including Google, Open Office, Excel, Acrobat, Mysql—which makes me go, eek!) to get them all to talk to one another. The upshot of it all is: still working on it. So if we can get them all to talk nicely the Fairy Tale Review books and journals should go live next week. They are weird and great in true fairy tale manner!

    And we added one more Featherproof book— The Enchanters vs. Sprawlburg Springs by Brian Costello which comes to you at a low low intro price and with a great quote from Joe Meno:

    “With this book, Brian Costello has done the nearly impossible: He’s managed to document the secret world of a rock n’ roll band in hilarious, satirical detail. The Enchanters… is as important as Moby Dick: the song by Led Zeppelin, not the book. His prose wields the same immortal bombast and ferocity as a John Bonham drum solo.”
    —Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned and Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir

    More new LCRWs and many Small Beer epubs

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    Hey, did you see that story on Slate about how “Digital publishing levels the playing field for small publishers“? We had fun talking with Jill Priluck and it was great that she gave a shout out to Featherproof, Small Beer, and, yay!, Weightless.

    And to celebrate we added a few things that readers have been asking for—but not everything, otherwise what would we do next week? First there were a bunch of improvements that Michael did on Friday: pages have shorter line-lenghs for increased visibility, there’s a new featured title, we started tagging posts for easier findability, and we did some technical jiggery pokery stuff as well. And we talked to a couple more indie presses whose books we hope to add. We’re hoping to build a tempting palace of wonder made of electrons and indie presses. We’re on our way!

    In the meantime, today’s (Tuesday’s, just) update just went up*. First we added four issues of our zine, LCRW, (12, 13, 14, 15). These are all epub/mobi/lit files—but, in a reversal of the normal, no PDF! We also added epubs to most of the rest of the LCRWs: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. So now you can get many versions of those issues going back to 2003—It’s old back there!

    We also added multiformat (epub/mobi/lit) files to many Small Beer titles including Couch, Meeks, Trash Sex Magic—not going to list all of them, but many, I tell you, many! More TK, but slowly, you know how it is.

    And finally (at last!) we added Carol Emshwiller‘s first novel (which is fantastically funny and weirder than ever) Carmen Dog in multiformat (again, no PDFs—maybe later). As with Travel Light, we’ve put Carmen Dog up at a lovely low introductory price of $5.95.

    Next week might be the week we get Fairy Tale Review (books and mags) up here—they are amazing, and the pricing is irresistible. The paper edition of the journal is $10-$20 (depends on who’s selling it). Suffice to say the ebooks will be much less. Much! They’re going to be PDFs and I’m not sure if there will be more formats because as with the Featherproof books (have you seen them, they are crazy wonderful designed!) the pages are part of the package. We’ll see. After Fairy Tale, we have more more more. Come back. Tell your friends. Tell us what you think. Thanks for reading!

    * Apologies for the delay. I’d love to say it was Scott Pilgrim related, but, sadly, haven’t seen it yet (darn it!). It’s just that the baby is too too much and insists on being played with. Apparently baby trumps computer every time!

    Grooming time

    Feral Machines, updates

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    I know that in the lonnggg years since Wicked Gentlemen came out, a lot of readers have been waiting for Ginn Hale‘s new book. The good news is that her huge new novel, Lord of the White Hell comes out in print next week—although it’s so big it’s a two-parter, and the second part comes out in September. It won’t be out as an ebook for a while but for the nonce we have the next best thing: an exclusive ebook of her novella Feral Machines from the Tangle anthology.

    This week sharp-eyed readers might have noticed some updates around here. A neat one is the addition of Google Previews: this means that any book on Weightless (or at least for now, those with ISBNs) that’s also in the massive Googleplex database—such as Hiding Out or Redemption in Indigo—can now be previewed on the site. Yay for excerpts and browsing!

    We tidied up the sidebar so that you can instantly get results for authors/titles/&c. and added a featured book at the top—starting things off with that bestselling Wicked Gentlemen seemed like a good idea. We also have a “lifetime” bestseller list running in the sidebar. That should change over time into a weekly list, but for now it’s a note on the overall bestsellers on the site. Sort of wacky to see that LCRW 22 is on there. But, hey, great ish of a great zine.

    Next week, no promises, but we hope to have Fairy Tale Review for you. It’s a beautiful journal full of excellent stories and art—there may even be a free issue you can check out first. And soon we’ll have the new Daily Planner 2011 and Karen Joy Fowler’s awesome collection of stories, What I Didn’t See (get the print book here). But those are all the future: for now, enjoy Feral Machines!

    July Bestsellers


    We may have to retitle this the Ginn Hale chart—especially next week when her novella Feral Machines goes up! For now, Ginn’s debut novel Wicked Gentlemen is still on top of the Weightless bestseller list. But Astrid Amara dominated the chart this month with Archer’s Heart. Luckily for Karen Lord, there were only three parts to that as her debut novel, Redemption in Indigo, sneaked onto the list in fifth place. Indigo is Small Beer Press’s latest ebook and the Seattle Times loved it and so will you. It’s $4.95—get it before the price jumps!

    For August the Featherproof gang are promising to make some noise—and we have another of their titles to add. We should have A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011 (the 2010 edition is still good for five months and is only $1.99). We’ll also be adding Fairy Tale Review books and the journal (at excellent excellent prices) and, with luck, we’ll be shaking things up design wise and so on and so forth. Come on back, bring friends!

    July Bestseller List

    1. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
    2. The Archer’s Heart: Part 3, Astrid Amara
    3. The Archer’s Heart: Part 2, Astrid Amara
    4. The Archer’s Heart: Part 1, Astrid Amara
    5. Redemption in Indigo, Karen Lord

    New: Meeks

    Today’s new title is Julia Holmes’s debut novel Meeks which, as you must know, we think is fabby. You can read an excerpt at The Collagist. Don’t wait, download!

    We also added epub, lit, and mobi versions of our Big Mouth House titles: Holly Black’s The Poison Eaters and Other Stories (read her glam-vamp takedown here) and Joan Aiken’s The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories (read one of the stories here). All of these are, of course, DRM free.

    Later this week: July bestsellers (will Wicked Gentlemen retain the crown?).  Next week: heads up Ginn Hale fans, a new science fiction novella, Feral Machines.


    Too hot to read?

    Well, only some of our books.

    This is one of those it’s-too-hot-to-work weeks, or, maybe, work like a dog but there won’t be any obvious results for a week or two.

    Ok, first the part in which we promise many more excellent ebooks. Which press will be next? We’ve got a few lined up but first is  . . . Fairy Tale Review Press!—which will include their lovely lovely magazine (featuring Aimee Bender, Donna Tart, Francine Prose, Jedediah Berry, Marina Warner, Lydia Millet, Jack Zipes, and many more) as well as their books. That will be excellent!

    After that, more Ginn Hale, more Featherproof Books, more, more, more. Reading is a hunger that has to be fed!

    So, scutwork in recent days: more tagging! Any categories we should add? Drop? Pay more attention to?

    Did some other things. Most of them should be invisible!

    Price cuts

    1. just cut the price on A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2010 to $1.99!
    2. and we cut the price of Holly Black’s excellent collection The Poison Eaters. We don’t have the ebook here, but you should go find her new novel White Cat, too. It’s an excellent story about a family of con artists in a world where one touch can mean death! The cover of the second book, Red Glove, was just released and both the cover and the book are fantastic.


    Welcome featherproof books!

    It’s a big day here as we’re adding ebooks from a publisher new to Weightless: the superb Chicago indie featherproof books.We have half a dozen of their titles to start with—and will be adding more as they’re published in paper. Some of these files are huge due to their intensely designed interiors and us wanting to provide a quality (DRM-free, natch) hi-res file. The files could be even more huge if you want—you tell us.

    Titles include Blake Butler’s Scorch Atlas, Zach Plague’s Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring (which is anything but boring—and is only $2.99!), and books from Christian TeBordo, Amelia Gray, Susannah Felts, and Jonathan Messinger.

    We also added two ebooks by Judith Moffett who was in the right place at the right time and asked about adding her titles when we were looking for a few test cases. (Thanks Judy!) We’ve just posted her first novel, Penterra, and her most recent novel, The Bird Shaman, which is part 3 of The Holy Ground trilogy. Neither Judith nor we are sure if we are able to get the rights to the first two books, but we’re getting this one up here as a start. Both books are huge big anthropological sf reads and come in at $4.95 and $5.95.

    All the books going up today are PDFs. We have a few more epubs coming soon and next week, well, that’s next week. First: check out everything we have from featherproof.

    New titles from Amara, Lord, LCRW

    At last! The third part of Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart (which holds two of the top 5 positions in our bestseller list) is released today. Catch up here: Part 1. Part 2.

    Also going live today:

    • Redemption in Indigo, a magical debut novel by Barbadian writer Karen Lord and for a limited time only it will be on here an incredibly low price—so don’t miss it!
    • LCRW 24 which somehow we had managed not to add which opens with an excellent dark story from Alexander Lamb and includes the usual mix of weird and wonderful stories by writers you may not have heard of but who are all going to be stars one day, stars!

    Coming soon: more Ginn Hale, more Astrid Amara, more presses, more books, and a beautifully designed lit journal that will light up your screen—and you won’t believe the price. Can’t wait until we get those books in and can get them up here for you.

    Ping us if there are presses or books you’re interested in. We’re talking to people all the time and want to become the go-to place for weird, sexy, and smart independent presses.

    The Archer’s Heart, Part 3, begins:

    Jandu lounged on the pillows of his room, drawing a picture of Keshan.
    Ennui pulled at him like barbs, but this act of patiently recreating his lover gave him a pleasurable contentment that soothed his boredom. Soft afternoon light filtered in from the windows above. He used a flat wooden board to protect the carpet from his ink. Every angle of Keshan’s face, every curl of his hair, could be conjured from memory, and Jandu lulled himself into pleasant memories as he drew.
    Someone knocked on his door.
    Read More

    June bestsellers + update


    Can anything knock Ginn Hale’s Wicked Gentlemen off the top the Weightless bestseller list? Not yet! And the good news for fans is that we have a novella from Ginn Hale coming soon. Also coming soon: more Astrid Amara, whose Archer’s Heart holds two of the top 5 positions—the third and final part will be released in ebook on Tuesday, July 6th. Set your watches!

    Nicole Kimberling’s Turnskin stays in the top 5 for now and the latest ish of our, er, 14-year-old(!) zine slipped in ahead of a few other books—no doubt helped by that $2.99 price tag. I just noticed that LCRW 24 doesn’t seem to be on this site: we’ll add it for the Tuesday update.

    Also coming Tuesday: Redemption in Indigo, a magical debut novel by Barbadian writer Karen Lord and for a limited time only it will be on here an incredibly low price—so don’t miss it!

    Later this month: huge secret things! Additions! Excitements!

    June Bestseller List

    1. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
    2. The Archer’s Heart: Part 2, Astrid Amara
    3. The Archer’s Heart: Part 1, Astrid Amara
    4. Turnskin, Nicole Kimberling
    5. LCRW 25

    LCRW ebooks: more, cheaper

    Yesterday we had problems with the download urls not working but thanks to sterling work by Michael and our webhost,, all is well again. Phew!

    At some point we’re hoping to set up an electronic subscription option for LCRW but that depends on a few things so in the meantime here’s some happy news: we just added three more issues of LCRW from the archives: LCRW 16, LCRW 17 and LCRW 18. And: we’re dropping the price of the LCRW ebooks from $4 to $2.99. Check it out: here are the last four or five years or LCRW all  instantly available to you.

    May bestsellers


    Ginn Hale’s Wicked Gentlemen continues to top the Weightless bestseller list. Her two fellow Blind Eye Books authors, Astrid Amara and Nicole Kimberling were neck and neck throughout the month until Amara pulled ahead at the end. We have the second part of The Archer’s Heart going live next week. Serial fiction: got to love it! One of our older, perennial bestsellers at Small Beer Press popped into the top 5, Carol Emshwiller’s Philip K. Dick award winner, The Mount, and Poppy Z. Brite’s Second Line is the other holdover from our previous list, this time in fifth place. (Er, shouldn’t it be in second place? Hmm.)

    1. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
    2. The Archer’s Heart: Part 1, Astrid Amara
    3. Turnskin, Nicole Kimberling
    4. The Mount, Carol Emshwiller
    5. Second Line, Poppy Z. Brite

    Is it ironic to post an ebook titled A Life on Paper?

    Seems a little strange! But anyway, here it is: A Life on Paper, the first book published in the English language by legendary French author Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud. Translator Edward Gauvin has done fantastic work getting these stories out over the last couple of years to grand magazines such as Agni Online, Conjunctions, Harvard Review, Epiphany, and many more. You can get a sample of the 22 stories in the book here.

    This month we should, if all goes well, add at least one, maybe two, new presses. Maybe more. Whoopee! Tell your friends, tell us what you think, subscribe to the book feed, come back often!

    New Naomi Mitchison ebook

    We just posted another exclusive: the first ebook of Naomi Mitchison’s fantastic and lovely novel Travel Light. And: only $6! Travel Light is the one of the original cracked fairy tales/folktales: a Princess is tossed out of her father’s castle by her stepmother—and is saved by her nurse and raised by bears and dragons. And that’s just in the first few pages. It’s a fun and thoughtful book (with Valkyries!) and we’ve always thought it would be a superb book for any smart kids—one of the reasons we reprinted it a couple of years ago (don’t miss Kevin Huizenga‘s excellent cover).

    We’ve been digging into our backlist to bring exclusive ebooks out here first and we may have some more in the pipeline (must await contracts!). Also coming up soon, the second part of Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart, a couple of novels from Judy Moffett, and an exclusive set of ebooks from a press we admire. Can’t wait for that.

    In the meantime: Travel Light!

    PS It is very odd to have posted this from a bus whilst, sort of (2 carry-on bags), traveling light. This may mean slightly slower email responses this week but so far I’ve been answering emails/fixing problems within half a day max (due to international time zones and sleep!). I beg your patience and hope to be as fast (depending on the vagaries of travel wifi!).

    New Serial Fiction

    Later this year we’re putting out a huge serial—something we’ve been looking forward to doing since before this site started. More on that TK closer to the pub date. In the meantime, we just added our latest Blind Eye title, Astrid Amara’s The Archer’s Heart, which is being serialized in three parts over the next few weeks. Dive in!

    Poppy Brite formats + New LCRW

    By popular demand we added new formats (lit, epub, mobi) for Poppy Z. Brite’s Second Line and we just uploaded the latest issue of our zine, LCRW #25. Don’t think there will be more LCRW formats—unless they’re requested (or, er, voluntarily made). We usually get LCRW onto Fictionwise and they grind out different formats.

    If there are titles on the site where you’d like more format choice, do tell. Keep in mind that some of the publishers we’ll be adding will be into that but some only want PDFs available—because they like their page design and we can understand that.

    Next week will be a busy one with a set of titles from a new press (ooh!) and another title from one of our favorite Seattle publishing conglomerates, Blind Eye Books.

    We had another hiccup last week when we updated a WordPress plugin and it broke something else in there: sorry! Silly system. All seems to be running fine now. Drop us a line if you have any problems. Otherwise, thanks as always for reading.

    first ebook edition

    We just posted another exclusive first ebook edition: Sean Stewart’s excellent novel of voodoo, pregnancy, and Houston, Mockingbird, at an introductory sale price of $5.95. Get it while it’s hot!