• Trafalgar
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    Trafalgar Angelica Gorodischer et al.

    ...w York Angélica Gorodischer, daughter of the writer Angélica de Arcal, was born in 1929 in Buenos Aires and has lived most of her life in Rosario, Argentina. From her first book of...
  • Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic
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    Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic Eduardo Jiménez Mayo et al.

    This huge anthology of more than thirty all-original Mexican science fiction and fantasy features ghost stories, supernatural folktales, alien incursions, and apocalyptic narratives, as well as science-based… More

  • Datura
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    Datura Leena Krohn

    “Shadows of Kafka and Strindberg are infused with Krohn’s love of her fragile characters…Aficionados of the surreal will find this a contemporary masterwork.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)… More

  • Prodigies
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    Prodigies Angélica Gorodischer et al.

    An enchanting novel of the women whose lives pass through a nineteenth century boarding house. Moving, subtle, and dreamlike.

    Prodigies explores the story of the poet Novalis’s birthplace in the German town… More

  • Tomorrow We Never Did Talk About It
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    Tomorrow We Never Did Talk About It Eduardo Halfon et al.

    Eduardo Halfon’s story follows closely the departure of a well-off industrialist Jewish family from Guatemala in the early 1980s. The events are seen from the point of view of the naive, inquisitive ten-year-old… More

  • The Invisible Valley Preorder
    Release Date:
    Apr 3rd, 2018
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    The Invisible Valley Preorder Su Wei et al.

    A teenager working in a mountain encampment during the Chinese Cultural Revolution yearns for romance and excitement.

    Lu Beiping is one of 20 million young adults the Chinese government uproots and sends far from their… More