• Wicked Gentlemen
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    Wicked Gentlemen Ginn Hale

    2008 Spectrum Award Winner and 2007 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. Belimai Sykes is a dangerous man: the descendant of ancient demons, a creature of dark temptations and rare powers. Sykes is also the only one Captain William Harper can turn to when faced with a series of grisly murders.
  • Cry Murder! in a Small Voice
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    Cry Murder! in a Small Voice Greer Gilman

    September 2013. A new chapbook from Greer Gilman.

    London, 1603.

    Ben Jonson, playwright, poet, satirist . . . detective?

    Someone is murdering boy players and Jonson, in the way that only Greer Gilman could write him—”Fie,… More

  • $9.95
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    Cloud & Ashes: Three Winter’s Tales Greer Gilman

    "Sublimely lyrical Jacobeanesque dialect . . . readers who enjoy symbolism and allusion will cherish Gilman's use of diverse folkloric elements to create an unforgettable realm and ideology." —Publishers Weekly
  • Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 25
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    Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 25

    8.5 x 7 · 60pp · Spring 2010 · Issue 25 · Available on paper (wall, flat, or airplane-shaped) or onscreen

    We’re very happy to release a new issue of LCRW into the world. Away, zine, away! And now with more translation!… More

  • Generation Loss
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    Generation Loss Elizabeth Hand

    Shirley Jackson Award Winner Believer Award Short List
  • The Child Garden
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    The Child Garden Geoff Ryman

    Are you ready for polar bear families in London—who have their own black sheep: after all, what can a polar bear mining family do with a daughter who wants to write operas? And what is London to do with a unique woman who, … More

  • Interfictions 2
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    Interfictions 2 Delia Sherman et al.

    November 2009: 21 original and innovative writers including Jeffrey Ford, Brian Francis Slattery, Nin Andrews, and M. Rickert, and more. Introduction by Henry Jenkins.
  • The Poison Oracle
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    The Poison Oracle Peter Dickinson

    “I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre.” —Sara Paretsky, author of Breakdown

    “Small Beer Press, a small publishing company in Massachusetts,… More

  • Horse of a Different Color
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    Horse of a Different Color Howard Waldrop

    November 2013 · 9781618730732 · trade cloth and ebook Howard Waldrop’s stories are keys to the secret world of the stories behind the stories . . . or perhaps stories between the...
  • Moonlight is Bulletproof
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    Moonlight is Bulletproof A. DeNiro

    A new short story from A. DeNiro.

    Jackson is a detective.

    Jackson lives deep underground.

    Jackson lets Dispatch project him into trouble spots around the world, where proxies perform the physical actions for the investigations.… More

  • The Wild Girls
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    The Wild Girls Ursula K. Le Guin

    Dirt children in a society of sword and silk, are determined to enter “that possible even when unattainable space in which there is room for justice” leading to a violent and loving end. Plus Le Guin’s… More

  • A Brood of Foxes
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    A Brood of Foxes Kristin Livdahl

    Uncanny, sweet, and shot through with fairytale weirdness, A Brood of Foxes takes Joey Napoleon into a world as bizarre as anyone’s first adulthood—with a few differences. Set in a place where time has its own logic, … More

  • The Lucky Strike
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    The Lucky Strike Kim Stanley Robinson

    This astounding alternate history tale presents a dramatic encounter with destiny wrapped around the terrifying question of what might have happened if the fateful bomber flight over Hiroshima had gone a bit differently.… More

  • Squaring the Circle
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    Squaring the Circle Gheorghe Sasarman et al.

    The idea of writing a book of brief descriptions of imaginary cities, condensing into it the grandure and tragedy of five milliennia of urban history, came to me by chance, while I was in charge of the Architecture and … More

  • Green Thumb: a novella
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    Green Thumb: a novella Tom Cardamone

    From the author of Lambda Literary Award finalist Pumpkin Teeth

    Mutability blooms in the Florida Keys after the Red War. The genie boxes created King Pelicans with single human hands to rule the ruins of half-drowned… More