• Letters to Tiptree
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    Letters to Tiptree Alexandra Pierce et al.

    In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Alice Sheldon’s birth, and in recognition of the enormous influence of both Tiptree and Sheldon on the field, Twelfth Planet Press is publishing a selection of thoughtful… More

  • Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy
    $9.25 $4.99
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    Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Alisa Krasnostein (ed) et al.

    “This anthology is perfect for teens who are interested in science fiction and fantasy — but who don’t want just stories about white, straight, able-bodied rich kids and their vampire problems.”… More

  • A Trifle Dead
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    A Trifle Dead Livia Day

    Cafe La Femme, Book 1

    Tabitha Darling has always had a dab hand for pastry and a knack for getting into trouble. Which was fine when she was a tearaway teen, but not so useful now she’s trying to run a hipster urban cafe, invent… More

  • Cracklescape
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    Cracklescape Margo Lanagan

    A presence haunts an old dresser in an inner-city share house. Shining sun-people lure children from their carefree beachside lives. Sheela-na-gigs colonise a middle-aged man’s outer and inner worlds. AndMore

  • Trucksong
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    Trucksong Andrew Macrae

    Innovative, moving and exquisitely written, Trucksong is a coming-of-age story about how the only meaning to be found in a world in slow decay is that which you make for yourself.

    In a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape… More

  • Sprawl
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    Sprawl Alisa Krasnostein (ed) et al.

    Sprawl is an exciting original anthology giving readers from around the world a unique glimpse into the strange, dark, and often wondrous magics that fill the days and nights of Australia’s dreaming cities and towns,… More

  • Sharp Shooter
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    Sharp Shooter Marianne Delacourt

    Tara Sharp should be just another unemployable, twenty-something, ex-private schoolgirl … but she has the gift—or curse as she sees it—of reading people’s auras. The trouble is, auras sometimes tell… More

  • Love and Romanpunk
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    Love and Romanpunk Tansy Rayner Roberts

    Thousands of years ago, Julia Agrippina wrote the true history of her family, the Caesars. The document was lost, or destroyed, almost immediately.

    (It included more monsters than you might think.)

    Hundreds of years… More

  • Sharp Turn
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    Sharp Turn Marianne Delacourt

    Free for a limited time!

    Tara’s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers. She’s not sure how Madame Vine’s Escort Agency got her number. And then there’s the eccentric… More

  • Asymmetry
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    Asymmetry Thoraiya Dyer

    An Australian Air Force base patrolled by werewolves. A planet where wages are paid in luck. A future where copies are made of criminals to interpret their dark dreams. A medieval cavalry of mothers who are only permitted… More

  • Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler
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    Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler Alexandra Pierce et al.

    Luminescent Threads celebrates Octavia E. Butler, a pioneer of the science fiction genre who paved the way for future African American writers and other writers of colour.

    Original essays and letters sourced and curated… More

  • Bad Power
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    Bad Power Deborah Biancotti

    Cover design by Amanda RaineyEbook conversion by Charles Tan

    Hate superheroes? Yeah. They probably hate you, too.

    “There are two kinds of people with lawyers on tap, Mr Grey. The powerful and the corrupt.”… More

  • Through Splintered Walls
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    Through Splintered Walls Kaaron Warren

    From Bram Stoker Award nominated author Kaaron Warren, comes Book 6 in the Twelve Planets collection series.

    Country road, city street, mountain, creek.

    These are stories inspired by the beauty, the danger, the cruelty,… More

  • Thief of Lives
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    Thief of Lives Lucy Susse

    Why are certain subjects so Difficult to talk about? What is justice? Why do writers think that other people’s lives are fair game? And what do we really know about the first chemist? A story about history, women,… More

  • The Blackmail Blend
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    The Blackmail Blend Livia Day

    Six romance writers Five secrets Four poison pen letters Three stolen manuscripts Two undercover journalists One over-complicated love life Way too many teacups and tiny sandwiches Cake, not murder. Cake hardly … More

  • Caution: Contains Small Parts
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    Caution: Contains Small Parts Kirstyn McDermott

    A creepy wooden dog that refuses to play dead. A gifted crisis counsellor and the mysterious, melancholy girl she cannot seem to reach. A once-successful fantasy author whose life has become a horror story – now… More