• Prison Round Trip
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    Prison Round Trip Klaus Viehmann et al.

    Prison Round Trip is a reflection on prison life and how to keep one’s sanity and political integrity behind bars.

    Bang. The door to your cell is shut. You have survived the arrest, you are mad that you weren’t more… More

  • Daring To Struggle, Failing To Win
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    Daring To Struggle, Failing To Win J. Smith et al.

    The Red Army Faction’s 1977 Campaign Of Desperation

    In 1970 a small group of West German revolutionaries decided to go underground, set up safe houses, and learn the skills of the urban guerrilla. They were the Red Army… More

  • Let Freedom Ring
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    Let Freedom Ring Matt Meyer et al.

    A Collection of Documents from the Movements to Free U.S. Political Prisoners

    Collecting dozens of documents from the past three decades of struggle to free US political prisoners, this resource book is designed for… More