• Straggletaggle
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    Straggletaggle J. M. McDermott

    The clockwork kingdom of Saxonia engineered itself into a machine of the law, refashioning even its citizens’ bodies into cogs and pistons. Before the chirurgeons and engineers splice his brain inside the crown,… More

  • Women and Monsters
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    Women and Monsters J. M. McDermott

    The women and monsters of Greek mythology rarely get to speak for themselves.

    Sing, Muse, for yourself.

    Eurydice wanders an abandoned amusement park despite her husband’s love. Ariadne becomes addicted to … More

  • Death Mask and Eulogy, a Novelette
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    Death Mask and Eulogy, a Novelette J. M. McDermott

    Nova Coates is a tomb guard late at dog hour in the deep night. He protects a noble house’s dead from thieves and wizards. He lives among undertakers, death mask artists, and eulogy poets, until thenobleman’s… More