• The Buffalo Bill Megapack
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    The Buffalo Bill Megapack Buffalo Bill Cody et al.

    Few people represent the spirit of the Old West like Colonel William “Buffalo Bill” Cody! From Indian fights to buffalo hunts to his now-legendary touring Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill brought the legend… More

  • Mother Me
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    Mother Me Zara H Phillips

    The adopted daughter of loving parents, Zara Phillips felt out of place since childhood. Although cherished, she grew up insecure and alone, consumed by a void she found impossible to fill. Isolation led to alienation,… More

  • Spine Intact, Some Creases
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    Spine Intact, Some Creases Victor J. Banis

    A legendary name from the Golden Age of Paperbacks, VICTOR J. BANIS spins a witty and exuberant tale of A Thousand and One Knights, flitting blithely from tale to tail, in one era and out the other. Part autobiography, … More

  • Pocketbook Writer: Confessions of a Commercial Hack
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    Pocketbook Writer: Confessions of a Commercial Hack Charles Nuetzel

    The publishing memoirs of Charles Nuetzel, legendary paperback author, editor, publisher, and packager. Interviews, reminiscences, tips and tricks of the trade — everything you ever wanted to know about … More