• Minions of the Moon
    $8.99 $5.99
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    Minions of the Moon Richard Bowes

    Kevin Grierson has a Shadow with a mind of its own. It likes thrills, it likes power, it likes the rush of drugs and danger. From the suburbs of Boston to the streets of New York, from the false glamour of advertising to the… More

  • The Butcher’s Sons
    $7.99 $2.99
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    The Butcher’s Sons Scott Alexander Hess

    Kirkus Best Books of 2015

    This darkly lyrical and violent family saga set in a butcher shop in New York circa 1930 tells the story about three Irish brothers, each struggling to find their role–to define their… More

  • The Role
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    The Role Richard Taylor Pearson

    Mason Burroughs is an actor on the verge of giving up after being turned away at audition after audition. But his life changes when he bumps into Kevin Caldwell, an old crush from acting school. Kevin helps Mason land a … More

  • Spinning the Record: Stories
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    Spinning the Record: Stories Robert Hyers

    Spinning The Record documents the search of its impoverished queer white and Latino protagonists for individuality inside the spectrum of the gay identity. Within the primary settings of gay clubs and raves in Manhattan… More