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    See the Elephant, Issue Two
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    See the Elephant, Annual Subscription Melanie Lamaga

    See the Elephant is dedicated to�fiction that questions consensus reality and pushes genre boundaries, including slipstream, weird, visionary, magical realist, soft science fiction and contemporary fantasy.… More

  • See the Elephant, Issue Two
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    See the Elephant, Issue Two Diane Glancy et al.

    Issue two of See the Elephant: Love and War in the Slipstream, features new stories by Diane Glancy, Karen Heuler, James Van Pelt, Cassandra Khaw, F. Brett Cox, Michael Canfield, Alana I. Capria, Rose Wednesday, Jane… More

  • Strange Mercies
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    Strange Mercies Pete Duval et al.

    Pete Duval’s Strange Mercies evokes a world of “plants in oversized pots” and “waxy banana leaves arched over a wrought-iron fence,” a world of staggering heat and blinding midday light, a world of stray … More

  • The Bombay Liaison (is Grateful)
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    The Bombay Liaison (is Grateful) Dinika Amaral et al.

    In three interlocking stories, Dinika Amaral explores the fantasy and frustrations of post-colonial India. Weaving together the experiences of western visitors, the bustle of a contemporary Bombay marketplace,… More