• Best Gay Stories 2016
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    Best Gay Stories 2016 Steve Berman et al.

    Editor Steve Berman delivers another fine volume in the Best Gay Stories series. As the rights and privileges of gay men expand with each passing year, the demand for stories grows–stories that rouse the reader… More

  • The Pink Bus
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    The Pink Bus Christopher Kelly

    A month before Election Day, the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Texas – a gay reality television star named Patrick Francis Monaghan- takes to the stage to deliver a speech. Before the candidate… More

  • Ambrosia
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    Ambrosia Lee Upton et al.

    A young woman living alone sees a mysterious older woman roaming the woods outside her house. As they strike up an unlikely friendship, the narrator finds herself questioning what she knows about love, friendship, … More

  • Diary of Fire
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    Diary of Fire Elias Miguel Munoz

    Ardently infused with the theme of exile, Diary of Fire tells the story of political refugee Camilo Mac’as, who, as a boy, flees Cuba with his parents in 1969 to settle in Los Angeles. Narrated as memories from a present… More