• Young Woman in a Garden: Stories
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    Young Woman in a Garden: Stories Delia Sherman

    Selected as one of Publishers Weekly Best Books of the Year and recipient of 2 starred reviews.

    Read a story: “Miss Carstairs and the Merman” · “Nanny Peters and the Feathery Bride

    A long More

  • My Dear Watson
    $8.99 $4.99
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    My Dear Watson L.A. Fields

    Lammy finalists sale! Normally $8.99

    One of the most famous partnerships in literature yields, over time, to a peculiar romantic triangle. Sherlock Holmes. Dr. John Watson. And the good doctor’s second wife,… More

  • Portraits at an Exhibition
    $8.99 $4.99
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    Portraits at an Exhibition Patrick E. Horrigan

    An alienated young man searches for his life’s purpose through a gallery of portraits at an exhibition. Afraid he may have contracted HIV the night before during a risky sexual encounter and only beginning to … More

  • The God in Flight
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    The God in Flight Laura Argiri

    In 1878, young Satterwhite attends Yale University in the hope he will discover what life holds for fellows with sharp aesthetic senses. He is unprepared to meet his assigned art teacher, Professor Doriskos Klionarios.… More

  • The Butcher’s Sons
    $7.99 $2.99
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    The Butcher’s Sons Scott Alexander Hess

    Kirkus Best Books of 2015

    This darkly lyrical and violent family saga set in a butcher shop in New York circa 1930 tells the story about three Irish brothers, each struggling to find their role–to define their… More

  • The Music Teacher
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    The Music Teacher Bob Sennett et al.

    Growing up in the early years of the twentieth century, Joe Dooley allows his love for music and his passionate friendships with other young men to blind him to the tides of revolution rising around him in British-dominated… More