• Becoming Alien
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    Becoming Alien Rebecca Ore

    Who you become shapes what you remember about who you were. How you change depends on the minds you meet. If they’re not human, you stretch in ways you never expected to stretch. And you change how the others see themselves.… More

  • Reading the Bones
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    Reading the Bones Sheila Finch

    A dissolute linguist, a cosseted debutante and a strangely silent child are running for their lives – trapped in the violent confluence of three species, only one of which is human. The Xenolinguist story series… More

  • Human to Human
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    Human to Human Rebecca Ore

    The scariest species can be your own. And the funniest, including you. In the end, a happy enough ending involves accepting creatures for what they are and can be. And every country boy made good out among strangers needs… More

  • Being Alien
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    Being Alien Rebecca Ore

    All the different ways of being a smart calculating creature doesn’t mean that those creatures don’t do dumb things from time to time, borrow each others’ vices, and can’t have hangnails and broken feathers.… More

  • Battlestations
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    Battlestations David Drake

    The Fleet thought the wars were over, but as a deadly race of insectoid invaders, the Ichton, sweep through the galaxy, races new to the Alliance are in dire need of aid. Star Central answers with the mammoth battlestation… More

  • The Velderet
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    The Velderet Cecilia Tan et al.

    The Velderet is the story of Kobi and Merin, two roomies on the peaceful world of Bellonia, world where “equality” rules. But they each harbor taboo fantasies of BDSM, and when they world is colonized by … More

  • Man’s World
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    Man’s World Angela Caperton

    The battle of the sexes has never been sexier until the new erotic sf novel from Angela Caperton: Man’s World.

    For the wealthy, or the lucky, the universe is a vast and wonderful place. There are planets to visit, luxury… More

  • Women on the Edge of Space
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    Women on the Edge of Space Danielle Bodnar et al.

    Space is a place that is full of mystery. Traveling through outer space is a journey unlike any other, letting go of the usual sense of place and time and opening up to new possibilities. Just as one may never find the edge… More

  • Spirit
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    Spirit Gwyneth Jones

    Spirit, a space opera set in Gwyneth Jones’s Aleutian universe, re-visions Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo and further explores the workings and consequences of the series’ Buonarotti Transit.… More