• Death by Silver
    $8.99 $5.99
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    Death by Silver Melissa Scott

    Lambda Award Winner Gaylactic Spectrum Award winner

    In Death by Silver veteran authors Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold introduce a Victorian London where magic works, influencing every aspect of civilized life, and… More

  • Final Issue:
    Fireside Magazine — Issue Three

    Fireside Magazine Brian White

    Dear Weightless Books Fireside Subscribers,

    IF YOU FOLLOWED our last Kickstarter at all, you’ll know that it was a very close thing getting Issue Three funded. We knew there was going to be a point of Kickstarter fatigueMore

  • Cry Murder! in a Small Voice
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    Cry Murder! in a Small Voice Greer Gilman

    September 2013. A new chapbook from Greer Gilman.

    London, 1603.

    Ben Jonson, playwright, poet, satirist . . . detective?

    Someone is murdering boy players and Jonson, in the way that only Greer Gilman could write him—”Fie,… More

  • Death of a Unicorn
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    Death of a Unicorn Peter Dickinson

    ...and duty, and above all, love. Death of a Unicorn is the first in a series of reprints of Peter Dickinson’s mysteries from Small Beer Press. This classic British mystery will win...
  • Mockingbird
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    Mockingbird Sean Stewart

    "A wonderfully vivid and unexpected blend of magic realism and finely-observed contemporary experience." —William Gibson, Pattern Recognition
  • The New Hero Volume 1: Every Age Needs Its Heroes
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    The New Hero Volume 1: Every Age Needs Its Heroes Robin D. Laws et al.

    It’s time to meet the new heroes.

    Older than the written word and more popular than ever today, the hero story crosses cultures as an eternal constant. The New Hero gathers an unexpected team of writers, celebrated… More

  • The Poison Oracle
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    The Poison Oracle Peter Dickinson

    “I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre.” —Sara Paretsky, author of Breakdown

    “Small Beer Press, a small publishing company in … More

  • Hound
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    Hound Vincent McCaffrey

    When a book dealer's ex-lover is murdered, he is forced to examine his past and investigate the murky depths of literary Boston. Hound is the first of a series of novels featuring Henry Sullivan, and the debut novel of a long-time Boston bookseller, Vincent McCaffrey.
  • The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes
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    The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes Mike Chinn et al.

    Stories in the tradition of The Shadow, The Bat, Doc Savage, The Spider; Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Detective Agency; Dusty Ayers & His Battle Birds; Sheena and K-Zar. Hard-boiled detectives, sinister… More

  • Current Issue:
    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #15
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    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine 4-Issue Subscription Marvin Kaye

    New Holmes stories, classic reprints, new fiction, cartoon, reviews, and more. Edited by Marvin Kaye. Published by Wildside.… More

  • Closet Dreams
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    Closet Dreams Lisa Tuttle

    “Something terrible happened to me when I was a little girl…” so begins this extraordinary, International Horror Guild Award-winning tale of abduction, survival and escape from the author Stephen… More

  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5
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    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 Marvin Kaye et al.

    The fifth issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine — a special Holmes Fiction Issue — features an amazing new Holmes short novel by Carla Coupe, “The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes,” … More

  • Adventure Tales #6
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    Adventure Tales #6 John Betancourt et al.

    This issue of ADVENTURE TALES includes 3 stories by H. Bedford-Jones (“Mustered Out,” “The Badman’s Brand,” and “Surprise in Sulphur Springs”) plus “The Fugitive… More

  • A Slepyng Hound to Wake
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    A Slepyng Hound to Wake Vincent McCaffrey

    In his second bibliomystery, Boston bookhound Henry Sullivan has a new girlfriend, a new apartment, and a shelfload of troubles.

    Chaucer said “It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.” Henry Sullivan, bookhound,… More

  • Dogs
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    Dogs Nancy Kress

    “Kress, a witty and engaging writer, creates chilling suspense as twisty as a DNA double helix.” -Publishers Weekly

    “Her style is devilishly inventive, her characters are more than cardboard … More

  • The New Hero Volume 2: New Heroes for a New Age
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    The New Hero Volume 2: New Heroes for a New Age Robin D. Laws et al.

    Every generation fits the time-honored constants of the hero tale to its own needs. Today’s serial adventurers, whether they burst from re-envisioned histories or ply the humming foredecks of an imagined future,… More