• Dragon Chica
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    Dragon Chica May-lee Chai

    Nea, a Chinese Cambodian teenager, has survived the Khmer Rouge only to land in poverty in Texas. Her small family struggles to get by when a miracle occurs. Wealthy and mysterious, Auntie and Uncle write to say they are… More

  • Faun
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    Faun Trebor Healey

    One morning Gilberto Rubio wakes up with a five o’clock shadow. Puberty. But why are his legs getting so furry? And what are these little horn nubs pushing out of his scalp? What’s that nub of a tail that’s… More

  • The Transcriber
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    The Transcriber Kristen Witucki

    A spunky little brother deals with the disability of his sister in ways that are sometimes humorous, often touching, and always typical of sibling rivalry and reconciliation… More

  • Gadget Girl
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    Gadget Girl Suzanne Kamata

    Anna and the French Kiss meets Stoner & Spaz in a contemporary young adult coming-of-age novel about a girl, her struggles, and her art. Aiko Cassidy is fifteen and lives with her sculptor mother in a small Midwestern… More

  • Tiger Girl
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    Tiger Girl May-lee Chai

    Nightmares of war flood the waking memories of Nea Chhim, a 19-year-old survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields. In this sequel to the acclaimed Dragon Chica, Nea, a struggling college student, decides she must confront… More

  • The Peck’s Bad Boy MEGAPACK ™
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    The Peck’s Bad Boy MEGAPACK ™ George W. Peck

    After the American Civil War ended, George W. Peck (1840–1916) became a newspaper publisher. His weekly newspaper, “Peck’s Sun,” contained Peck’s humorous writings, including his famous semi-autobiographical… More

  • The Man in the Box
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    The Man in the Box Marylois Dunn

    During the Vietnam War, a Vietnamese boy must free the “Man in the Box,” a captured American soldier, and bring him to safety. A powerful tale of friends in the midst of battle, “The Man in the Box”… More

  • At the Crossroads
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    At the Crossroads Max Pierce

    Jack Farley at twenty-one years of age thought his life should be a dream come true. But somewhere along the way he found himself lost and alone. So, in 1983, he finds himself at the crossroads, unsure of which path will … More